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conditions: excellent
fabrication/fabricant: Ora Tamir
taille/dimension: 26" x 21"

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A very unusual and unique rendering! Name of piece is 1+1=1 by Ora Tamir in a surrealistic style. It is limited edition lithograph on canvas measuring 26" x 21" and created circa 1980s.

Signed and framed lithograph #21 out of 250 on canvas. COA attached on back and signed by the artist. "My art is painted from the heart, never bending to trends of popularity. People tell me my art touches their souls. For that, I am grateful." The Art of Ora Tamir is considered by many distinguishing art collectors to be a classic example of surrealism in the style of the great Salvador Dali (1904-1989).

Born in Israel, Ora Tamir, Israeli painter, immigrated to California in 1980. Oras Oil Paintings are purely intuitive, surreal with a futuristic quality and haunting beauty. The images are personal, touch the soul and have a distinct unique feel to them. Each of Oras original oil paintings are a long labor of love.

"Trying to describe Ora's paintings is like trying to describe dreams. Using soft sable brushes and oil paints, symbolic stories are created. Her surreal sensual paintings express basic emotions and tap into the intricate human web. Ora's art has futuristic quality and haunting beauty. Paintings are not planned they are purely intuitive. Every original is a long labor of love." Boothe Global Perspectives
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