Any filmmakers out there?

Hi, I am writing this in search of filmmakers or those aspiring to be one. I’m looking for all aspects of like minded individuals who might be interested in starting the process of making a movie. Whether that be a short or feature length I don’t know. In fact as it stands, right now I don’t know much. All I know is that I have felt somewhat despondent in the last couple of months and I think I have figured out what it is. I haven’t made a movie yet!
I have recently discovered a folder I had on my computer that has some of my writing from when I was but a wide eyed, fresh out of high school teen full of gusto. I have several stories and ideas for film scripts that I think would actually turn out decent. Ever since finding these files again I have slowly (very) started writing again and began dreaming once more of being or at the very least involved in the art of filmmaking.

I don’t regret anything leading up to this moment. I have lead a great life so far and am happily married and have a wonderful son yet I am not completely satisfied and I don’t believe I ever will be unless I try my hand at making a film.
So as I see it, I have two options. Go to a film school which I had planned to do when I was younger or just go out and make a film.
I was accepted but for one reason or another never actually attended both the LA and SF Film School. I’m confident I could reapply and get accepted once more however at this point in my life it would be remarkably hard and expensive to attend. As a husband, father and full time worker it just wouldn’t be the most responsible thing to do. Besides the commute, the price tag of attending one of those schools is between $40,000 and $50,000.
So it seems like I’m left with one option.
I don’t think it’s impossible the only problem is, is that I don’t currently know anyone that has as much passion for film as I do. I’m not looking to half ass this or put out some funny little skits made in a matter of minutes to put on youtube. I want to really put my all behind this and understand it won’t be the easiest thing to do. It’s possible. Looking back at how some of the best films and filmmakers started out makes be hopeful. Movies such as Eraserhead, Primer, El Mariachi, Clerks, Slacker, Blair Witch Project were made on very, very low budgets and directors such as David Lynch, Christopher Nolan, Darren Aronofsky and Stanley Kubrick started out by making films such as those. I’m not so brash as to suggest what will be made will be as great but no one will ever know unless we try.

I’m willing to give this a go and if you are of a similar mind and can commit to this 100% than please reply to this ad and send me an email with a little about yourself and what type of movie you are hoping to make. Have you any experience, any equipment? What type of movies do you like and are inspired by? When would you be available?

Thank you.
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