TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion Guitar Pedal - $50

Dark Matter is the kind of pedal that you wanna go play for half an hour and end up spending half a day with. It's musical, covers a super-wide range of sounds but stays true to its base, an all analog-drive circuit that reminisces plexi sounds with both a classic and modern edge. Dark Matter delivers in spades thanks to a very low compression and a lively response that reacts to your playing at every turn.
Hard to imagine now, but there was a time before digital. If you think about it, many of the best distortion sounds stem from that era. Why? Well, it's the analog circuits, they sound great and got a little more to give when you really punish them - it simply sounds more real, fuller and better. That's the sound we love: dangerous, on the edge yet thoroughly musical. The sound that begs you to play harder, louder, faster and more.

Distortion is great, but control is key. No one wants the ice-pick to the ears or a mushy bass-laden goo. Dark Matter delivers with a bass- and treble knob, perfect for dialing in sounds precisely and lightning fast.

Road-ready design - ready to follow you wherever your playing takes you

True Bypass: Zero loss of tone
Vintage-voiced distortion with extreme dynamic range
Voicing switch
Gain, Level, Bass and Treble controls
Small footprint: Save precious pedalboard space
High-quality components: Only the best will do when it comes to tone

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