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More senior citizens that have always paid their rent on time and that cannot get into a affordable rent apartment because there are very few in Turlock, California (and probably in most towns not only in California but all towns and cities in the U.S.) will be facing homelessness this year because of huge rent increases. They will be living on the street, without a roof over their head for the first time in their lives. They are old and most have no where else to go. Some are afraid to move in with their families. Some have families that can take them in, but very few. Their families are on the verge of homelessness themselves, trying hard to make ends meet as the outrageous cost of living far and above exceeds wages paid. Another person to take care of in a house that is already overcrowded is not a good situation. This is sad especially for the seniors that are on a fixed EARNED income that have managed to pay the ALREADY high rents, ALWAYS paying on time and living on what is left over which is not very much, but they have a roof over their head and prefer to be independent. They will be scared and they should not be facing this at this time of their lives when it is so dangerous living on the streets for anyone. There will be many sleepless nights ahead because they will have to worry about protecting themselves from dangerous circumstances. Some people will threaten senior citizens because they are older and less able to defend themselves. These seniors that have always tried to do right will have to face this terror.

If you are one of these seniors that have been living on fixed but EARNED incomes like social security and will be homeless or are already homeless, please contact me and we can at least TRY to do something about this. I think if we get enough people to protest these horrible conditions we can try to work out some kind of solution that is suitable for all homeless people. Actually everyone that is on the streets that are sick, both physically and mentally need to be treated. The drug addicts also. There should be clinics set up for them to go to.

NO ONE should be homeless! Everyone needs not be afraid and the only solution to that is having a place they can feel somewhat safe in, if even just a tiny home, NOT TENTS. To be living on the street, exposed is very dangerous for anyone. It would be good if the city would try to get some land to be donated and have someone in charge, and protection for all. People that have income could be charged an affordable rent for these small places, not more than 30% of their income and that should include utilities. Most people do not want anything for free, because nothing is really for free and most people want to take responsibility for their own lives and have a sense of pride and dignity of earning their own way. I know some people may think that homeless people are just lazy...that is a big lie. Who would want to be homeless?? If people are earning money, most want to pay what they can afford. It would be like a sliding scale going by one's income. People, all people need a home, NOT A TENT. They could be big enough to accommodate, a small living space, room for a tiny kitchen and a bathroom. Some would be bigger to accommodate families that are homeless. This would be a much better solution and more cost effective than having people loose on the streets or even in temporary shelters. They can be protected from cold weather and the heat as each unit could have a heater and a air conditioner. Just the mere basics, but they would have a place to call home until they get on their feet and get into one of the very limited affordable housing. (the number of affordable apartments is so small. It is ridiculous and unrealistic and the waiting lists are anywhere from a year to 5 years, maybe more)

Just having a shelter in a church where you have a small cot where there is no privacy and where you have to disappear once it is daytime is not good for anyone. Those that are mentally ill and physically sick and drug addicts, also need more and should have a place to call their own and should be allowed to get treatment for their illnesses and medical care should be available to all, seniors, people with families, young people that are homeless and students..EVERYONE, should have access to medical care if they need it. Everyone should have their own place, even if small. In some towns, people with land are donating the land to the homeless and then the government is getting small houses built for the homeless. We need this in every town. EVERYONE who is homeless, families with children, young people, students and the aging senior citizens who are experiencing changes both mental and physical because of age and some experiencing homelessness for the first time in life, are scared, they are living in absolute terror. This is not the fault of the homeless, it is the fault of our government for allowing the cost of living to far exceed what people earn. Having a place just for the night which is the RULE of most shelters is not reasonable and should not be acceptable. One should have their own home even if it is small not just a place to sleep where you have to worry all night about what the morning may bring, but your own place small as that may be. It should be a place where people can get dressed in privacy to go to their jobs and students can study and go to school and children can feel safe to be with their parents and not have to worry about showing up at a shelter at a certain time or having to gather all their belongings and disappear come morning and then arriving again at night, night after night. It is exhausting and miserable. Tents on the streets are not reliable at all.

Most people WANT TO PAY if they have any kind of income, but they want real shelter and a tent on the street or a cot in a church is not enough. (I will keep repeating as much as I can.) They need privacy and their own bathroom. This creates a sense of well being. They are not at fault for the high cost of living that far exceeds their earnings. Many people are working and STUDENTS are going to school also and they need a place even if small, to call their own. No one in this great rich country should be starving or living on the street. NO ONE!

Please research... tiny homes for the homelessness on the internet. Some communities are doing this for their homeless and with good management, it is working. No one wants a handout, but sometimes people need a hand up, and like I said it is not their fault, that greed is taking over this country and that the cost of living far exceeds the wages that are paid. We need to do right for everyone. Turlock and every town needs to do something that counts and will do some good. The way it is now... well, it needs to be alot better. I would like to hear from those that are concerned.
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