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>Donnie, without any facts, denies the total deaths in Puerto Rico and claims it's a Democratic slur

It's President Trump not 'Donnie'. You show in your first word your disdain for our President and our Country. You must be a Bernie supporter; you're too stupid to be a Hillary supporter.

What 'facts' do the Democrats have? An estimate? From a computer model? That counted all deaths even 6 months after as 'hurricane related'?

So what if he did or did not sleep with a porn star? Are you jealous? Does it give you a boner thinking about it? Nobody cares, except you...

>'clean up the swamp'

It's 'drain the swamp' you dumb shit and how long should this take in your brilliant mind? He has been in office less than 2 years

>make America great

Let's see:

2 SCOTUS picks, 1 yet to be confirmed but will be. They will shape the court for decades
Major tax cuts for individuals and business, soon to be made permanent so the Dems can't 'wait them out'
Slashed regulations
Record GDP's
Unemployment at record lows
Stock markets booming (Peoples 401's IRA's etc making money)
Got rid of the 'Individual mandate' (That tax you paid 'not' to have health insurance)
New trade deals with the EU
New Trade deal with Mexico, 100's of billions in 10 years savings mean "Mexico' did pay for the wall
The Wall is currently being built
Tariff's that are bringing jobs back to the US (Steel, Aluminum, Solar, manufacturing etc) and balancing trade
NK peace deal is in progress. No other President has even tried...

I could go on and on but you either get the point or your head comes to a point.

How about some examples where his policies have negatively affected you?

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