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>Your response only shows you earth of history and politics.

This makes no sense at all. Next...

>Youthful folly lacks a foresight that the past leads from, and you seem to have been allowed a favorable way that >has been yours because of the past, yet you condemn it. A Republican started what became the Iraq War (twice), >as well as Afghanistan, Eisenhower (a Republican) started our involvement with South East Asia, or Viet Nam to >you, when the French pulled out, and yes, a Democrat was at the head of our government when Pearl Harbor >was attacked.
>The United States worked with other countries, not alone, and yes, we were instrumental in rebuilding those who >were once our enemies, now, or were, allies with us. What the head has been doing is biting its nose in spite, or >without any intelligence of outcome or logical political sense, like you seem to be with your response.

More nonsense, then changes the subject to wars? Are you trying to make a point? Or a typical liberal that can't refute facts so they obfuscate?

>Tariffs have a history of not working, yet you seem to think they will, that alienation is good, and creating >conspiracies, like Alex and Rush or social media, all have a purpose.

Really? If they don't work then why do so many countries tariff us? Canada 275% tariff on our dairy products. They are about to fold on this so that's a win right?
Tarrifs on steel and aluminum have re-started factories here which create jobs etc.

>Return to your lotus eating and live with that you believe to be real, yet do not complain when the defecation hits >the oscillating rotator. Politics makes strange bedfellows, follow the money, and it seems only people who want >power seek it. Seldom is one ever just with their quest to power, no matter what their party. Hillary had her term >of power controlling Billy and Bernie's socialism is more than what FDR gave. Ever been to a socialist country in >Europe and seen how it really works? I have.

And back to more nonsense, change subject now to socialism. Your point?

>Where is the "transparency" your hero spoke of? Where is his tax forms, his talks with Putin and Kim, visitors >to the White House, nepotism, showing his self gain from the office?

Why should he show his tax forms?
Why should he show his talks with Putin and Kim?
What nepotism?
What self gain? He takes no salary and his business in in a trust.

>It's not about him, you, or me; it's about all of us in this country, not the select few.

You're wrong. It is about you because you seem to be really butt hurt and don't say why?
I asked you already what personally affects you but you will not answer...

>By the way, how has "Donnie" helped you? Wait until tax time next year and come on back and tell us about >how much you aren't getting back, or is the future not your concern?

Still waiting for why 'you' are affected?
My 401's went up over 32% since President Trump was elected $$$
My taxes went down and yes I have already calculated them for next year.

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