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The top floor of our townhouse sits empty after the departure of our last roommate. We are looking for someone or a couple to join us on the lease. The bedroom is the largest in the house with a decent sized private restroom and a loft area at the top of the stairs that could used for storage or turned into an entertainment area. We are looking for someone without pets. We are not 420 friendly. My brother smokes cigarettes outside so an outside cigarette smoker is no issue. Our roommate(s) would have full access to all common areas of the house such as the kitchen, living room, garage. The only excluded areas would be the other bedrooms. We have a washer and dryer in the garage.

The area itself is fantastic close to numerous stores and restaurants. In the middle between I5 and 99 taking about 10 minutes to reach either one. The area is very quiet at night however during the summers there are kids who run around the neighborhood in the daytime.

We are two males under 30 (we are brothers) who both work nights so we would prefer someone who works during the daytime or like us works overnights. I am the late sleeper and I am up by 5 pm so someone working 9-5 would be ideal. We are aware that 99% of the country is asleep when we are awake. We work most nights and when we are home we are mindful that not everyone has our schedule and limit our noise but we do need someone understands that 12 noon on a Saturday for us is akin to 3:30 AM Monday morning for most people.

We have no problems with overnight guest with a fair warning.
There is normally beer in our fridge.
We are gaming nerds and have excellent internet with available wifi.
We are easy going guys that do not have a lot of guests.
We don't have parties and consider our home our refuge it would be nice to find like minded individual(s)
The utilities would be spilt by person so 1/3rd each for a single person or 1/4 each for a couple. They run between 80 to 135 a person in a 3 way split. Highest in the summer.
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