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I am currently in need of community service hours but am unable to attend most activities that local organizations and counties put on due to a felony I received 10 years ago. My fiancé is Canadian and I am looking to immigrate to Canada but need to show the Canadian government that I am someone that will be a contributing member to their society. I am looking for anyone willing to give me an opportunity to serve in exchange for a short letter stating what I have done and signing off on it. If you work with an organization or charity and could use the help I am available most any day of the week. I just graduated college and am not working yet so my schedule is wide open. I am also willing to help individuals in need. If you are overwhelmed and need some yard work done or need help moving. I do have a truck and can help move furniture or other household goods. I am also open to anything else that can be thought of, so if you have an idea for something, please don't hesitate to ask! I live in the Modesto area but am willing to travel outside the county if you live within a reasonable distance (if you are not sure what a reasonable distance is, don't be afraid to ask!) I am eternally grateful for anyone who reaches out to me and provides me with an opportunity. I just need an opportunity to show that I can be a good person.
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